ALESSIOHITECH Thermoforming lines

Our traditional LTA thermoforming line for floor heating panels has been renewed with several new features among which the possibility of adjusting the film width from a minimum of 700 to a maximum of 1000 mm. The film, of any colour, thickness included between 0.10 and 1.0 mm, is coupled to the EPS panels giving the finished product a very high mechanic resistance, thanks to thermoforming technology at ~ 400°C.

With a completely automated cycle the line produces thermoformed panels in less than 40 seconds and with very low energy consumption. The LTA line only requires connections to compressed air and electric net, having its own independent vacuum plant. Before being submitted to thermoforming the panels can be moulded with standard shape moulding machines and very fast cycles.

Aim at new goals riding on a strongly expanding sector: under floor panels (hydronic heating systems) especially in Eco construction. Your winning advantages are the new ALESSIOHITECH complete lines of thermoforming film onto EPS panels:

The new innovative LTT which takes film from a roll, thermoforms it into rigid sheets with strong backdrafts/indentations, and mechanically couples it with the EPS panel. The completely automatic line turns every second panel to save on space, loads into carton, applies straps to carton and stacks the boxes. Thermoforming the rigid sheets in less than 25 seconds (144 pieces per hour) or thermoforming, adding to EPS panel and packaging, all in less than 30 seconds, (120 pieces per hour). Panel dimensions from 1000 x 500 mm up to 1450 x 850 mm. Uses various film thickness up to 1 mm. The whole process is controlled by only one operator.

Or the multi-function LTAT which combines two lines: the LTT and the traditional LTA, which thermoforms the film coupling it by infra red to the EPS panel. Great for taking advantage of both technologies, offering your customers the most varied solutions.

ALESSIOHITECH thermoforming lines: giving competitive advantages that make the difference.