100% Recycled EPS: Ecological and Economical

Can use all types of EPS all densities and in all conditions and origin, including percentages of other plastic materials, film, EPP, XPS, etc.

This patented machine produces EPS finished pieces with extremely low production costs.
No new raw material is needed, it consumes very little steam, vacuum, air energy.
And it has a very fast cycle time

The finished product has fantastic mechanical strengths and with a very high resistance.
ECO-100 gives you maximum profit from minimum production costs.

200/160 200/80 120/120
Productivity/cycle time 80-120 sec. 80-120 sec. 80-120 sec.
Moulding area 2000 x 400 x (100-280) 4 pieces/cycle 2000 x 400 x (100-280) 2 pieces/cycle 1200 x 1200 x (100-280) 1 piece/cycle
Recycled material volume 40-70% more than volume of final part 40-70% more than volume of final part 40-70% more than volume of final part
Approx. Steam consumption (kg) per cycle 4.0 / 6.0 4.0 / 6.0 3.0 / 5.0
Approx. electric energy consumption kwh/cycle 0.6 0.4 0.3

More versions available to produce your recycled pieces. Each piece has to be evaluated by our technical dpt