The ALESSIOHITECH range of machines for the EPP (expanded propylene) market includes:

The basic press which offers:
- easy use;
- possibility of using already existing moulds;
- wide range of production sizes;
- simple optional devices for unloading and stacking your moulded epp parts.

The vertical unloader gives the opportunity of unloading the moulded products from the bottom part of the machine onto one or two or more levels.

The ALESSIOHITECH solution to mould your EPP technical products:
- high productivity thanks to the ALESSIOHITECH automation (*) for insert loading and finished piece unloading and stacking;
- high finished product quality thanks to various cycles option to achieve the best quality of your moulded products;
- totally automated production so that one operator may supervise several machines.

(*) Automation
- Double-axes robot with two handling frames:
- simultaneous loading of inserts/unloading of moulded parts;
- insert load before and/or during the cycle;
- personalised units for loading additional parts (films, inserts, thermoformed items, compound structures):
- single or double magazine with manual or automatic movements
- conveyor belts or banks for unloading and stacking of finished items.

Production control system
PMP Wintech, software developed thanks to the Alessio know-how, manages the whole moulding cycle completely automatically.
The operator benefits from the following features:
- user-friendly operability;
- pre-defined and tested processes, with options to modify them in their wide-ranging variety of sequences and combinations;
- different cycle sequences combining moulding, insert loading, demoulding and unloading;
- management of press and robot movements to optimise cycle times;
- simultaneous viewing of production cycle in progress on your pc screen or on your net system;
- viewing and printing of production data.