This outstanding and unique technology allows the production in a single process of EPP products with surfaces totally or partially crystallised (melted like a crystal film), keeping at the same time the heart of the product elastic and soft, achieving a film of melted epp of more than 1 mm of thickness!

The crystallisation of one or more surfaces of EPP moulded objects allows to achieve in a single process new products with high mechanic resistance, elasticity, lightness and strong impact/shock absorption and in addition a high esthetic finishing, easiness of cleaning and a great added value.

Several finishings are available, polished, textured, dull, etc.

A real revolution in the plastic world, ALESSIOHITECH technology can avoid secondary production processes and offer an alternative to objects composed by two or more types of material

Not just crystallisation can replace a sequence of production processes, objects can have a longer life and being made by a single material can be easily recycled.