• ICFs:
whatever your icf (totally in eps, with metal or injection moulded webs) ALESSIOHITECH has the widest range of technical possibilities to offer you.

Standard machines with moving frames: a flexible option if you need a machine for a wide range of productions

Transfer/shuttle machines: if you want a dedicated machine for your ICF production

Also FULLY AUTOMATIC PRODUCTIONS with one hour or more of continuous independent cycles!

• Floor heating panels:
shape moulding technology or thermoforming technology for your panels with film! Panels are produced totally trimmed, stacked in total safety and with no further need for an operator

• Roof and wall insulation:
double density, adjustable height of your panel by pc, possibility to easily change designs and decorations, use of various eps colours/densities or qualities. The ALESSIOHITECH technology is at your disposal to achieve a wide variety of panels to improve house insulation.